I wish to have a custom surfboard

Linor, 15acute myeloid leukemia

Linor's Swell Wish

As an avid surfer, facing the harsh treatments of leukemia and their effects on the body, made Linor unsure about the likelihood of continuing her passion. Before her wish was granted, she said, “It all seemed impossible to me and I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to go back into the sea.”

Knowing that your one-true-wish can be a reality, carries enormous power – not only for a wish child, like Linor, but for the entire family too. “The wish kept us going and this special day to return to the sea, to surf and to be together,” said Linor's mom.

By achieving the impossible, a wish can motivate the child, family and entire community, to believe in the impact of a wish.

Wish experiences, like Linor’s, allow children with critical illnesses to imagine something they once thought was impossible. Every step of the Wish Journey presents an opportunity to replace negative experiences with positive experiences. Linor was able to be a part of the design process for her new, custom surfboard which gave her something to look forward to.